Calgary YOUth heard.
Calgary YOUth helped.

“At the end of the call, their problems may not be solved but when you hear the sigh of relief and thank you, it’s reassuring as a volunteer to know that I’m doing something right. The ConnecTeen program has taught me to listen without judgment and to first and foremost guide the caller to the help they need.” ConnecTeen Volunteer

Being a teen can be tough. You have more independence than ever before, but you probably have more questions than ever before too. If you ever have a question, a problem or just need someone to talk to, give us a call, drop us an email, send us a text or chat with us online.

U R Not Alone

Click here to watch "U R Not Alone", a video by Brenna, Keeley and Jenna - three amazing students from Centennial High School who featured ConnecTeen for their school project!

confidential chat

We’re making it easier to talk to someone and best of all, it’s confidential!

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